Is there a minimum quantity for wholesale purchase?

Yes, to qualify for wholesale prices there is a minimum order amount of $800. 

What is the production time for my order?

Production time takes between 5 to 21 working days depending on the volume of your order and type of models ordered. For urgent orders we can offer items which are available in stock in order to ensure speedy delivery. For urgent deliveries it is best to contact us via Whatsapp +972502626293

Please note - some models on our site might take longer to make than others or may be temporarily out of stock. In such cases we will contact you via whatsapp or email to offer quicker alternatives or remove the item from your order.

Delivery Times and Prices

We work with UPS for speedy and secure deliveries. However, delivery times and prices vary from country to country. Once your order is finalized we will be able to calculate the shipping cost and estimated time of arrival.

Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number so you can trace the parcel.

*The cost doesn't include any tax charges and local charges. We provide all necessary export documents. 

Are your products hypoallergenic?

Yes! All of our metal parts, posts, clasps, closures and chains are made from very high quality 18k Gold Bathed brass. They are all nickel free and cadmium free. Our metal parts are also very resistant and posses a delicate and fine looking golden tone.

Are the gems used natural/real?

Definitely! We use only natural materials. The stones incorporated with our golden grass jewellery are natural semi-precious from Brazil only! It is worth noting, that as we use only natural gems, they can at times vary in hue, size and texture.

Warranty and basic care

Our warranty extends to any production defects. The warranty is not valid in cases of ill use or client wear and tear. In case of faulty items we either credit or substitute the required item in your following order. We do quality control inspection for all our items, ensuring the best quality jewellery in the industry are arriving with your order.

Basic Care- To ensure our items longevity, avoid wearing while sleeping, taking showers and during sports. The Golden Grass is very resistant and strong and has no plating that can comes off and or tarnish. However it is not possible to clean and thus it is recommended to avoid contact with detergents, soaps and perfumes. 

Can I order customized items?

Of course, we can create almost any items you would like! We can also design your own private label! For customized items and special requests it is best to contact us via Whatsapp +972502626293

Payment options, terms & conditions

Once you have finalized your order we will calculate the estimated shipping cost and send you a final invoice. Upon completion of payment, we will immediately start the production process.

 We accept PayPal, Wise Transfer, international bank transfers, Western Union or credit/debit card payments.

Please note- payments through transfers usually come with fees. The total amount of money transferred should be the total amount plus the transfer fee.